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FOX bans gun sponsors on UFC on FOX. Do FOX News viewers know about this?

It has been revealed that the FOX Broadcasting Company has banned gun sponsors from appearing at the next UFC of FOX event scheduled to take place on January 28. The UFC has allowed sponsors such as The Gun Store and to appear on their pay-per-view specials and their programming on Spike TV in the [...]


Lorenzo Fertitta responding to ESPN on Fighter Payouts

Confucius says: Don’t complain about the snow on your neighbor’s roof when your own doorstep is unclean.


UFC 142 Rousimar Palhares and Why His Leg Locks Actually Work

  At UFC 142 Rousimar Palhares submitted Mike Massenzio with a nasty heel hook just a minute into the first round. Massenzio tapped quickly in pure agony. Why? We see leg locks all the time in MMA and fighters just shrug them off like they’re nothing. So why are Palhares’ so devastating? It’s actually quite [...]


UFC 141 Lesnar vs. Overeem Fight Was…Weird.

So let me get this straight; when Brock Lesnar fought Cain Velasquez he rushed him and looked for the quick takedown.  Cain Velasquez is a wrestler.  He wasn’t able to get the takedown.  He ended up getting put away fairly quickly. Fast forward to UFC 141.  Lesnar is facing Overeem.  The best striker in mixed [...]

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