FOX bans gun sponsors on UFC on FOX. Do FOX News viewers know about this?

Gun Ban ImageIt has been revealed that the FOX Broadcasting Company has banned gun sponsors from appearing at the next UFC of FOX event scheduled to take place on January 28.

The UFC has allowed sponsors such as The Gun Store and to appear on their pay-per-view specials and their programming on Spike TV in the recent past.

So our question at Next Day MMA is quite simple:  Do FOX News viewers know about this?

FOX News has made it’s mark on the television news world by appealing mainly to those who align themselves with the Republican point of view on politics.  Historically those leaning to, or seated as far as possible, to the right are large advocates of the second amendment that supports the rights for the citizens of the United States to bear arms.

So why would a perfectly legal store that sells perfectly legal products be banned on that network?

This is not a Carebear Christmas Special that we are talking about where gun advertisements could be seen by the wrong audience.  This is the Ultimate Fighting Championship.  If the target audience of the UFC are gun owners who a company wants to advertise to, then where is the justification for the ban?

For the FOX network to impose a ban out of one side of their mouth while supporting those who champion the second amendment out of the other can be summed up in two dirty words:

Corporate Hypocrisy

We at Next Day MMA have contacted the NRA for comment on the current situation.  We attempted to contact FOX News for comment but their home page doesn’t have a contact form.  A Google search for ‘Fox news contact’ landed us here:,2933,77538,00.html

Thanks FOX News.

The best we could do was a Tweet:

Our Twitter question to FOX News about the ban

We will keep you informed to any responses.

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